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Your talents, in reality, become your obstacles:-

You are selfless, you strive for perfection, and you have all the answers to the problems that your loved ones face. You make compromises, you make sacrifices, you give life, you create miracles, and you are more strong than you realise. It’s all about YOU this time!

You Laugh, You Cry, You work harder, You procrastinate, You Appreciate, You blame, You feel overwhelm, because You have biggest heart, You are Divine Divas, You have  deeper values & courage. 

You have a finely-tuned ability to scan the horizon for “danger” and this bias towards solving problems means you are energized by challenges and threats.

You look outside & Dream.. Let's look inside and Awake!!

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21 Days "Productivity Hacks Programme."

When you find your procrastinator persona, you find out the diagnosis, you become better at setting the right goals, and better at achieving them. This 21days allow Proactiveness to come effortlessly and easily into your life with mind hacking.

Anti-Procrastination Coaching Programme.

This is a group coaching program, designed to help you break old patterns of procrastination and develop the skills to beat resistance by increasing productivity with the help of neurological levels of change.

Productivity & Emotional Wellbeing Programme.


My one-on-one coaching session will give you a customized path for positive change by breaking negative patterns. This is a hand hold accountable special  journey with me, where you will delve deeper into yourself.


I’m glad to have twinkle in my life She has always been loving, caring and extra supporting, I never really cared about myself, my lifestyle got poorer day by day, popping pills in the morning and feeling lethargic whole day become my lifestyle but her guidance with simple tweaks, balance nutrition, habits coaching and active lifestyle worked so well. I feel more than happier and healthier. 

Reena Lalwani
My twinkling star! Love how dedicated you are. I'm so proud to see you shine so bright and lift yourself up & be happy! That's the skill more & more people need to learn. I love the fitness freak side in you.
Madhulika Appasani

Life Coach
Twinkle always supported me through out my Weight lose & Active lifestyle journey as my journey was quite tough with many challenges, health complications and medications.She’s always beyond my expectations. She make sure I’m stressfree, guide me to build up the inner strength to accept myself wholeheatedly. Twinkle is real blend of lifestyle coach & a Psychologist, She willingly hear all the good and bad times of mine and show me the way to positivity. Her experiences of her journey by which I get more power to achieve my goals. Thank u so much for all the support and please keep supporting forever.
Neelam Sachdev
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