Balance Body & Mind

Many of us grapple with various ideas in our daily lives, as in, how to stay happy, or how to remain calm, or just focus on the priorities in today’s world that seems to be getting more complex with each passing year.

  • How do we keep our body & mind blissful?
  • Have our wits about us, and make our mind more stable in this pandemic?
  • How do we keep our memories intact when our brains & bodies are being bombarded with information and influences for all sides?

We always seem to be shifting blame on other facets of our lives. Sometimes it is our physical health “body”, other times it may be weight, unhealthy routine, circumstances, chaotic lifestyle, partner, or even children. We are frustrated, sometimes even anxious, and are unable to focus on the important aspects of our lives.

What we have to learn, is how to support our brain and body during the healing process physiologically, as we provide it with right nutrition, and curative medicine. Clarity in our goals, will help us to pursue them. It is the right balance of healthy body and mind which acts a little push to never give up, as we make our way through setbacks in our journey.
But Why is so difficult to keep that balance? Answer to that it is, our desires. Our hunt for a better future, generally tends us into ignoring the balance in our present. Sometimes balance is skewed towards the body, and other times it is the mind we tend to ignore.

All of us have an innate healing power within us, and what helps to accentuate it, is the unconditional love and support. Our emotions translate into our body language.

Mind speaks to you through your health. More people than ever, are feeling the after effects of burn out from their hectic lifestyles. Sleepless nights with self-deprecating thoughts have become a common phenomenon. While it may seem at first that, burn out is the cause of the emotional, or financial distress in our live. It is generally the result of us ignoring the needs of our body and mind, and disturbing the delicate balance.   

More the balance gets skewed, easier it gets to lose your temper.

We start to become petulant in our lives. And what all this leads to, is an unending cycle of stress, anxiety, malnutrition, and a listless life style.

Can we escape this vicious cycle?
Answer to that is “Absolutely Yes!”

What we need is just a tinge of self-love, and acceptance of your imperfections

Let’s walk together

Few tweaks which helped me in my journey of change:
1. Welcome Solitude and enjoy your company
2.      List your strengths and accept your weakness’
3.      Practice mindfulness in your daily life
4.      Gain perspective on things and try to think positive
5.      Try something new every day, however trivial it may be.
6.      Try to set small goals
7.      Enjoy and celebrate when you reach your goals
8.      Start journaling your life
9.      Free yourself from letters of Anxiety
10.  Try to access your inner peace
11.  Show others how to treat you in a right manner
12.  Accept and appreciate compliments
13.  Be kind to yourself

And many more which can help us to achieve our result of being a balance being in this cosmos.

All we need to achieve this consistency. Consistency in our lives, and our habits. As is famously said, Rome wasn’t built in a day, and nor was it build alone. Wellbeing is a journey, and not a destination. As a person who has walked through this journey, I will be happy to walk with you and guide you through this journey from horrid thoughts, towards a more balanced life.

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