Hi, I Am Twinkle

I’m LifeCoach & Positive Psychologist, work with millennial women who are tired of procrastinating, feeling stuck, want to recognise self-worth, & waiting for their ideal life. As a Coach I celebrate life every moment co-creating with clients beautiful journeys of where they are to where they want to be.

More than 8years of experience in Lifestyle Coaching, Helping my clients and letting them achieve their desired goal is my inner peace.

A budding psychologist in the field of wellness I prefer to understand my client’s wants completely before working with them.

My Story

As a girl I had trouble with Low self-esteem, bespectacled  because I was not a brilliant student, back bencher(innocent one) who never show up in the class, have never won any medal, any trophy, or prize neither in studies nor in extracurricular activities in school. I always had self doubts about my looks & underweight issues because of my inactive lifestyle & poor eating habits.

For Mom-Dad I’ve always been a twinkling star, their “brilliant daughter”, In my perspective I was NOT.

Being a science student I also dreamt to be a doctor, being from humble business background My dad has his own plans of me getting married as soon I graduate from college. That was something I was always afraid of my “Unpredicted future”. So the day I graduated from school I decided to work on myself, focus on studies, show up & be a part of events, to live my best 3 yrs of college & gain confidence for bright life.

For my surprise I stood first in class, second in sports competition. That was a confidence booster for me, My love for books was growing with each passing year. I realised I just had to prioritize myself and my heart’s desires to live a slower, more conscious, and more meaningful life. Goals, desires, affirmations became my cup of tea. Still my search for physical health was on & I found a Wellness coach where I met my mentor, changed my routine, my eating pattern, I begin to transform. I loved the new version of mine, started helping other girls & women facing the same and I never knew when I fell in love with Coaching, My passion become my purpose.

Got married at 22, but continued my studies in Psychology, Nutrition & dedicated my life as a Lifestyle & Self-Love Coach. I have learned how much does Mindset, Self-Love & health truly matters, not only for the beautiful looks but for your mental health as well. I have personally experienced life changing benefits from positive psychology & clean eating (well mostly), regular exercising, and living a healthy life style with sprinkles of self-love/self-care.I saw that so many ambitious women like are working really hard to achieve something, ignoring that you’re burning yourself to the ground while also completely numbing yourself emotionally. 

I help women live a more sparkling life by beating resistance, killing procrastination through neurological level of changes with the essence of self-love, self-acceptance, and mind-body connection. I help you take ownership of your mental and emotional health and your energy again, before it’s too late, and reconnect with your body and your emotions, so you can feel true joy and happiness again and live a meaningful and glowing life from your heart.