My Story

My Story

Hi I am Your Name

And most people know me as:

The Founder of Mindvalley

an award-winning education movement with over millions of students worldwide and growing fast.

The New York Times Bestselling Author

of The Code of the Extraordinary Mind, now translated into 25+ languages.

The New York Times Bestselling Author

of The Code of the Extraordinary Mind, now translated into 25+ languages.

The Creator of Mindvalley Quests

a new kind of online learning platform that produces 800% better completion rates than the industry average.

A Speaker and Activist

working to evolve the core systems that shape our lives - including education, work culture, politics, and wellbeing (you might have seen my exposé on Nestle, shared over 20M times).

You see, I believe the human species is capable of extraordinary things. More than any other known species, we have a breathtaking ability to grow, create, explore, love, and solve challenges. The key to awakening this potential is UNITY. We need to come together - which is in fact our natural state. Yet instead of uniting us, many of the systems, institutions, and beliefs governing the world today are dividing us.

I’m a father of two, and I want my kids to grow up in a better world. I want them to inherit a borderless and awakened world. A world where divisive politics, corporate greed, and damaging Brules (Bullshit Rules) have finally disappeared in the face of humanity’s limitless potential for growth and co-creation.

I believe the solution to that world lies in raising human consciousness. Which means evolving the way people learn, grow, work, and co-create. Inspired by Mandela’s quote, “If you want to change the world, change education” I set out to start a new type of education company, one focused on unifying the world and teaching transformational education - the things that truly matter for the human race.

Mindvalley was born.

And today we’re a team of some 300 people from 54 countries working to build a new type of global education system that defies all the traditional rules of ‘education’.

My companies, my technology, my writing, and my speaking are all in service of this goal to elevate consciousness for 1 billion people by transforming the major systems that run the world.

Education. Work. Parenting. Spirituality. Politics. Citizenship.

Our relationship with the Earth.

Let's Be Extraordinary Together

If my life’s journey has inspired you, would you like to now be part of it?

My life puts me in touch with ideas and discoveries on the leading edge of education

and human consciousness.

You can follow it all on my social media channels. Or, you can go deeper with me

through my bestselling book and online courses.

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