Success Stories

I'm glad to have twinkle in my life She has always been loving, caring and extra supporting, I never really cared about myself, my lifestyle got poorer day by day, popping pills in the morning and feeling lethargic whole day become my lifestyle but her guidance with simple tweaks, balance nutrition, habits coaching and active lifestyle worked so well. I feel more than happier and healthier.
Reena Lalwani
Twinkle always supported me through out my Weight loss & Active lifestyle journey. As my journey was quite tough with many challenges, health complications and medications. I’m very happy after losing 16kgs extra fat & achieving my ideal weight. She’s always beyond my expectations. She make sure I’m stressfree, guide me to build up the inner strength to accept myself wholeheatedly. Twinkle is real blend of fitness coach & Psychologist, She willingly hear all the good and bad times of mine and show me the way to be practical and hardworking. She always shares her experiences of her journey by which I get more power to achieve my goals.
Neelam Sachdev
Twinkle Ma'am is always great to help me in my journey of overall fitness and healthy living. She helped me gradually inculcate simple but effective healthy habits into my lifestyle. As a result I feel active and energetic in my daily life. She helped me making exercise an important part of my hectic daily routine. In terms of nutrition, she helped with identify various factors which greatly helped me in my weight loss journey. Although I approached twinkle mam with a sole motive of getting fit and living a healthy lifestyle, but her personal story has been a great source of inspiration for me through out my journey. I am glad I found a mentor like her to guide me through this journey of well being I just follow her and wanna be a person like her.
Shalini Ganeshani
One word to describe the gorgeous (inside and out) Wellness Coach: Thriving!!
Being a client of hers, made me observe that she has a mighty balance of her profession as a Mentor. Every client has that kind of expectation for being very confidential in terms of their well-being to their Mentor. In Twinkle Ma'ams case, she has surpassed my expectation. She will assure you that not only she'll guide you to build up the inner strength in you to accept yourself , but also keeps a check on you to see if you're doing alright during the worst scenarios of our life. She's just not a Mentor, but a really good friend, who is willing to listen to us and guide us through our journey. Hats off to you Coach.
Tannia Roy George